Dantdm - the Diamond Minecart Minecraft - 100% Stupid!! Impossible Quiz Custom Map #2

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DanTDM: The Diamond Minecart Minecraft - 100% STUPID!! Impossible Quiz Custom Map #2
We're here to have a good time. Thanks everyone, and enjoy :]
About Minecraft:
At its most basic, Minecraft is a sandbox game. This means it is an open ended game, without a specific goal or constraining guidelines. There are various levels and types of play, adding to the open ended aspect, and offering a level of flexibility, creativity and choice not often seen in video games. This makes it a game that players, and families of players, can easily adapt to their interests, boundaries and styles of play.

Game settings can range from a completely peaceful Creative mode, where all needed materials and supplies are readily at hand and players never die, to a Survival mode that can be set to varying levels of difficulty. In Survival, players must gather resources and craft their tools while staying alive. Various levels of difficulty in Survival range from completely peaceful (in other words, monster-free), to difficulty settings that include a range of monsters, or mobs, such as spiders, zombies and skeletons. In Survival mode, even when set to peaceful, players can succumb to starvation, falls, drowning and other deaths. This ability to set the difficulty level as well as to control the level of peace is one of the attractions of the game to many families.

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