Hillary Clinton Arrested and Sentenced to Life in Prison. if I Were Elected President.

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This person is a criminal that has forfeited her immunity like about 15-20 of these long long prominent politician lie-aticians like her husband oral sex bill, is also and more directly responsible for it since he was a President, but she also has never done anything to stop all my complaints are the same ones that have been around for many many years never been in a addressed were actually the only things to be focused on. Hillary is focused on getting rich and trying to have history say, she was a positive changer. She cannot even get close to claiming such a thing when so many children have been killed, which is killing the family Hillary nor oral sex bill have protected these women who were or are mom's, and the dad's...... Hillary has never protected these people. She is going to prison forever. Hold your head your shame person who could have who did not. Every concept you run on, I had every idea you have 20 years ago. But I am always told to stay put, stay on the drums and every day someone gets drive-by-shot I wasn't trying to be a politician, Hillary never took care of anything or everything she states today is something she is hoping to address, the reason it never got addressed, is so she has something run on, so she can tell everybody what the reason is you should vote for her, so she can take care of it, but she has had 23 years to do anything she can state she could have already done, instead of going to Brazil to do a speech, or to go to Saudi Arabia to make a deal, children are getting wasted here, and oral sex bill and Hillary have had 23 years to take care of these issues, and so now since I never heard the right words out of this lady, I will arrest and prosecute these criminal lie-aticians that are all just like her, they're all the same buddies letting children get shot dead inside the Nation and letting mom and dad's hearts acke so badly comes from the direct obstruction of these lie-aticians. Put the _ _ _ _ _ in jail. Elect me Foster as President.

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